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Gitano- Spanish Music

Gitano. A wonderful group to listen and relax to, playing a fusion of flamenco, jazz and a hint of other styles makes it a great chill out group for your entertainment, please have a listen to the wonderful sounds of Gitano.


Las Migas

Las Migas - Spanish MusicLas Migas. Here's a fantastic flamenco fusion group for you. Four ladies playing guitar, violin and cajón with the wonderful voice of Silvia. Please have a listen to the demo.

AudioCanto y Río - Tangos de la Repompa


Rosa Ángeles

Rosa Ángeles - Spanish MusicRosa Ángeles. This singer from Algeciras comes from a family with a long Flamenco tradition. Her group consists of guitar, cello, flute and cajon; in addition she also performs with flamenco dancers. Regardless of whether she's performing in front of 1000 people in a concert hall or in a small circle at the campfire, her clear voice moves all who hear her.

Audio Cumple por Bulerías



Luis - Spanish MusicLuis not only plays as a soloist but performs with his group of musicians and flamenco dancers. He has played with the best in Spain which includes Paco de Lucia and has also worked with the American guitarist Bryan Adams, if you're looking for pure flamenco this artist will not let you down.

AudioLuis Fonseca


Cañadu - Spanish Music

Cañadú. A very imaginative flamenco group combining instruments such as cello, bass clarinet and flute they have produced a unique sound of their own.

AudioLa Primera Caravana

Ana Fargas

Ana Fargas - Spanish MusicAna Fargas. The sensuous voice of Ana has transported her to some fame in Spain and Europe having performed with Cancanilla de Marbella, David Lago, Chano Lobato and Luis el Zambo amongst others, she also sings with the group Canadu.

AudioLas Cosas Claras


Javier Jimeno

Javier Jimeno - Spanish MusicJavier Jimeno is a world renowned flamenco guitarist, a winner of many awards and in great demand all over Spain; his music is the quintessence of Spanish flamenco.




Tunas · Los de la Capa

Tunas · Los de la Capa - Spanish MusicTunas · Los de la Capa. Tunas sing traditional folk songs from Spain, Argentina, Cuba and Mexico that are intended to woo and serenade the ladies of their lands. From four to fifteen members, playing original instruments and wearing traditional costumes they will enchant you with their performances.


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