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Tres Divos

Tres Divos - Other GroupsTres Divos. Three seasoned professionals combine their vocal talents to bring you the best of Il Divo, the Three Tenors, Andrea Bocelli as well as many of their own unique interpretations of pop, swing, opera and musical theatre. Three Voices One Passion.

Audio Questa Sera, Looking Through My Eyes, My Way



Salsa - Other GroupsSalsa. The best salsa group on the coast is here with us. A five piece group playing salsa and son. These guys are the real thing.

Audio Salsa


Percussion · Batucada

Percussion · Batucada - Other Groups

Percussion · Batucada. If you're looking for the sound of Samba look no further than a batucada. Five to eight percussionists will perform for you the most exciting dance rhythm in the world.

Oriental Arabic Music · Al Ruzafa

Oriental Arabic Music ·  Al Ruzafa - Others GroupsOriental Arabic Music · Al Ruzafa. This ensemble has musicians from Syria, Spain and Morroco. It devotes itself to the revival and interpretation of oriental Arabic music incorporating styles such as  Muaxaja, Samai, Longa and Mawwal amongs others.

AudioAl Ruzafa

Tango · Che Camerata

Tango · Che Camerata - Others GroupsTango · Che Camerata is a music ensemble consisting of violin, piano, double bass, bandoneon and flamenco percussion. They melt together elements of contemporary Argentinean tangos, flamenco and jazz which has the characteristic of their quest for the search of new timbres which in our opinion makes them unique in the contemporary music scene. They have traveled all around Spain, Asia, Switzerland, Turkey, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Portugal and Finland - a group that is very much in demand.


L y L

L y L - Others GroupsL y L. In this Latin music duo both musicians play guitar, percussion and sing. Their repertoire is traditional Spanish and South American folk music. They sing in beautiful two part harmony and also have a repertoire including harp and flutes. Transporting you to Hispanic scenes they are an absolute joy to listen to.

AudioYolanda - Porque Te Quiero a Ti

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